Mission Statement
Mission Statement
We are a Brotherhood of Freemason motorcycle riders. We have banded together in order to introduce Freemasonry to motorcycle riding and motorcycle riders to Freemasonry. However; even more important than that, we have banded together to promote Masonic Charity, which is our first and foremost function.
Masonic Charity
As Freemasons it is our duty to aid and assist all Brother Masons whithersoever dispersed and our community in general. As such, a percentage of the dues and fee that we collect for membership and through our various fund raising efforts are donated to the various Masonic Charities within the Jurisdiction of our Most Worshipful Grand Lodges.
Introducing Motorcycle Riding to Freemasonry
Throughout the years many people, including our Masonic Brothers, have had a negative opinion of motorcycle riders. The “public opinion” has historically been that motorcycle riders are rebels, troublemakers, and criminals. In an effort to help dispel these myths, we have brought together Brothers that also happen to ride motorcycles in an effort to show that motorcycle riders are regular people too; and in our case, Freemasons.
Introducing Fremasonry to Motorcycle Riders
Not a lot of people out there know what Freemasonry is all about; we’re just some “secret society”. In addition, the public has heard a lot of misinformation regarding Freemasonry, what it is about, and how to become a member. In an effort to raise public awareness of the Fraternity, we wear the Emblems of Freemasonry which will invite questions about the Fraternity amongst the public in general, and amongst motorcycle riders more specifically.
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